Extra Peace of Mind

Security keys can help you keep hackers out of your Account.
With security keys, you get the extra protection of 2-Step Verification and can sign in without your phone.

Security Keys

For extra peace of mind and security


Last year, Google introduced physical security keys to its 85,000 staff members. The search giant hasn’t suffered a single successful phishing attack since.

The Google security key is a USB device that uses a type of multi-factor authentication called Universal 2nd Factor (U2F). This allows the user to complete the login process simply by inserting the USB device and pressing a button on it. There’s no need to type in an authorisation code or a password; just insert and click.

U2F support is already baked into a number of security products including LastPass, Dashlane and Keepass password managers.

It’s also supported in Firefox and many Google services, including Chrome. U2F-equipped security keys simply provide an added layer of protection.

Why use Security Keys

Two steps are harder than one

The key acts as an additional buffer between the user and attempted phishing attacks – by requiring both the physical key and an action by the user, attackers are unable to steal user credentials and use them remotely.

Phishing is when an attacker tries to trick you into giving them your credentials — is a common threat to all online users.

While any second factor will greatly improve the security of your account, for those who want the strongest account protection it is recommended that you use security keys for 2SV.