Work safely in the cloud with Chrome

Fast, secure and cloud-native. A powerful, simplified operating system combined with the Chrome Enterprise license keeps your business safe in the cloud.

Chrome Browser

Providing a trusted, consistent browsing experience across devices, with built-in protections, centralized management, and enterprise-wide control for IT admins.

Chrome OS

A cloud-native operating system that’s secure by design, simple for IT to manage, easy for employees to use and ready for enterprises to deploy worldwide.


Secure by design

  • Built-in security with multilayered approach
  • Regular updates every 6 weeks (and every 2 to 3 weeks for security patches)
  • AI-driven threat detection with Safe Browsing and Google Play Protect

All your trusted apps

  • Work securely with cloud-based G Suite apps through Chrome Browser
  • Use legacy apps through virtualisation with VDI solutions from Citrix®, VMware, and others

Safe money

  • Avoid downtime and the hassle that comes with bulky OS
  • Reduce time and costs associated with learning curves
  • Minimize risk of data loss from lost devices and accessories

Chrome for your daily productivity


A system that boots up in seconds and the overall computer runs smooth. Setup requirement is minimal. A user only has to flip open the Chromebook and login into a Google account.

Maintenance is also hassle-free unlike other operating systems like Windows. Google also updates the OS regularly and automatically. Chrome OS also has a build-in anti-virus protection. There is also no need for regular updating of several apps unlike in OS X because Chrome OS apps are stored in a cloud.

  • Does not require anti-virus
  • Works in online and offline mode
  • Long battery life
  • Cloud managed devices
  • More affordable than other laptops

Enterprise License manages your Chrome device

Granular policy controls for your devices
With over 200+ policies to manage the entire enterprise

  • Users Policies
  • Devices Policies
  • Fleet Management
  • Bulk Printer Configuration
  • Access and Permissions Management
Manage users’ cloud activity across all devices
Provision and monitor devices from any location in the world.

  • Stop unauthorized access if a device is lost or stolen with remote lock.
  • Ensure compliance with all employees from day one.
  • Curate your own app store for employees to use.
  • Whitelist browser extensions and avoid potentially harmful applications.