Grab and Go with Chrome Enterprise

A self-service shared Chromebook program.

Ready, set, Grab and Go



Your employee grabs a Chromebook from the shelf when they need it.



They sign into their profile and get to work, extending the device’s loan time if necessary.



When it’s due, they put the Chromebook back on the shelf and plug it in.

Keep your employees working with Chromebooks

A shelf stacked with Chromebooks in your workplace. Employees can pick up a device and get to work in minutes. When they’re done, they put it back for the next user — no reconfiguration necessary.

This program is ideal for:

  • Loaner devices
  • Temporary workers
  • Thin client replacement
  • Frontline workers
  • Shared device fleets


Less Downtime

Google Account and Chrome Sync help users pick up where they left off in the cloud.

More Security

Chrome OS features encrypted profiles, verified boot, automatic updates, and sign-in restrictions.

Lower Maintenance

Chromebooks are easy to set up — no need to reset or reconfigure after each loan.


Geeks on Tap are the Official Importer of PowerGistic Racks in Australia

Education Solutions

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A beautiful balance of function and design. PowerGistics Towers perfectly blends advanced cable management with contemporary design, so you can manage storing your technology as much as you enjoy using it.

Classroom Tablet Storage and Charging Solutions

The PowerGistics Tower are designed to help teachers who are already strapped for time and often overworked. The last things they need to waste precious minutes and concern about are their students’ tablets and other devices.

PowerGistics towers make it easy for even the youngest students to access their devices. This student-managed concept saves teachers on average more than 55 teaching hours per classroom, per year.

Each tower has colour-coded shelves, one for each device, that can be numbered for easy recognition. No one will be confused as to where to retrieve or return his or her device. One internal outlet per shelf eliminates any tangled cables. 

You can also choose multiple towers to store and charge your devices, avoiding a bottleneck in one part of the classroom. With our towers, teachers can start teaching more quickly and there will be no pushing and shoving arguments.

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For any business, keep your workforce moving with the Chromebooks self-service solution.

Grab and Go

Create a better in-store environment for employees and shoppers alike with help from the cloud.


Take patient care to the next level with cloud-powered solutions that provide timely access to information.

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