5 Reasons You Should Not Use Attachments In Gmail

This is probably something you don’t hear often when it comes to email: Don’t use attachments. Yes, we know you’ve been doing it all along and everyone else is doing it too. So what’s wrong with it? Here are 5 reasons.

1. Malware could reside in attachments

Image by 200 Degrees

Malwares are easily distributed over email, and all it takes is one person within the organization to download the file and open it to let it do its job. Also, attachments that are larger than 25MB are not scanned by Google.

2. Emails getting rejected

Most email servers have a maximum limit allowable for attachments. If your attachments are too large, the recipient’s mail server could reject your email, resulting in what we call a bounced email.

3. Collaboration

Reduce the number of duplicated documents by sending over a Google Drive link to the document instead. This will ease version control as well as ensuring everyone has the correct and current version of the document at hand.

4. More control over your data

By sending a Google Drive link instead of an attachment, you can retract access to the documents or correct any errors in the document even after you have sent the email. The main advantage of keeping documents in Google Drive is that you maintain control of the document, managing its access i.e. who can edit, comment, view. You may also set an expiry on the document so that a user cannot access the document after a predetermined date

5. You can take it back

As humans, we tend to make mistakes every now and then. With links, in the event of sending the email to the wrong people, or the wrong file to people we can correct it by limiting the access or changing the contents of the documents after the email is sent out.

In conclusion, links are definitely the way to go moving forward. Using attachments should be avoided where possible.