10 Extremely Easy Google Docs Shortcut to save time

Imagine a scenario where your boss came in and hands over a task where you will need to do a quick research and compile a summary from multiple sites. Because it came from multiple sources format used varies from one another. Here you are copying and pasting the text into your main doc and then using your mouse to select and manually change the formatting to match your needs. But what if there is a way to ease your work, instead of clicking on bold, align centre, etc. You can do the same task by pressing 2 to 3 other keys on the keyboard.

Experienced Google Docs users may have this mastered already. But still, it would be a good re-cap of the basic shortcuts.

Remove Format

To remove all formatting from a cell (or range of cells), hit Cmd + \ on a Mac or Ctrl + \ on a PC.

Find and/or replace

To save time from searching manually, use Ctrl+F, or Ctrl+H to search and replace

Open format menu

If you use the format tab a lot, instead of moving the cursor all the way to the top press

Alt + O and you can continue from there

Text Align Centre, Left, Right, Justify

Similar with opening tab and if you find yourself trying to align multiple lines of text this could be a great way to shorten your time.

Ctrl+Shift+E, Ctrl+Shift+L, Ctrl+Shift+R, Ctrl+Shift+J


This is one of the shortcuts I find useful whilst writing an article.

ctrl+B quickly bolds or unbold the highlighted text or the next character pressed

Change to normal text

If you want to format the entire paragraph to normal text, just press Ctrl+Alt+0.


When you find a word that you do not understand in the document, instead of copying it out into another google search, select the word that you want to look up and press Ctrl+Shift+Y it will bring out a small dictionary tab instead.

Paste WITHOUT formatting

We all know the basic Ctrl+v to paste stuff after copying items, but what about Ctrl+Shift+V? This allows you to paste the text ignoring the formatting on it. Suitable if you are trying to compile text from different sources into a document.

Paste format only

When trying to synchronize the formatting between multiple headers use Ctrl+Alt+V instead of setting it individually.

Shortcut window

Pressing Ctrl+/ opens up the shortcut window, from there you will be able to check out all the other shortcuts available and maybe discover a new shortcut that would suit your needs.